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Sometimes creativity can be like shrapnel

Exploding from a bomb

Inside my brain.

Sometimes the target is hit,

But many times others close are hurt.

Like family and friends

Who give me the love and support

To be the best that art demands,

Sometimes creativity can be a tree

Drawing from the roots of heritage

To support new life

In branches strong and firm.

But mostly it is a weed

That sets its seed

In the most unusual places.

Like cracks in the rocks

Where people walk,

Or every imaginable place in a garden.

Sometimes creativity is in a child

That love creates.

Yet creativity can also be in hate

To find new ways to destroy

The lives and the best

That we can make.

But the very best creativity

is when we create love itself,

Springing from the heart,

Defying all the laws

Of science and society.

We cannot measure how much

We Sorely need

Of this, our greatest creativity.

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