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I'd like to introduce myself, Peter Allan, Poet-Composer-Writer-Art Enthusiast.   Thank you for taking the time to visit my whole life's work. I am from Northern California,  father of two talented young men, have a grandson I adore, and a beautiful daughter-in-law who I cherish. I started my career with a Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences to study Enology, viticulture and cheese making from Fresno State in Enology. After many years in the wine industry, I branched out into the sales of filtration equipment. During long drives and lengthy travels to visit customers, I began writing poetry, musicals and contemplated the many books I'm writing to date. I hope you enjoy my collection of writings of life, nature, relationships and humor. I dedicate this blog to my loving wife, Kathy Allan.

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I'm always looking forward to hearing from you. Please connect with me!

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